Istanbul Jazari Museum Initiative

The Istanbul Jazari Museum (IJM) was founded in 2018, inspired by the magnificent contribution of the greatest engineer of The Middle Ages, one of the world’s most eminent minds. IJM, which designs activities to mobilize scientific curiosity and artistic creativity simultaneously, acts with an understanding that the best way to preserve the world cultural heritage and pass it down to future generations is how this treasure is valued. The exhibitions and training programs of the Istanbul Jazari Museum aspire to introduce and attract the attention of visitors from all walks of life and echelons to world culture heritage. In this way, the aim is to encourage visitors to get to know the world better by becoming conscious and productive individuals in the field of history, science, art and culture. The IJM believes that in Turkey, one of the main geographies in which world culture thrives, if different kinds of physical and intellectual products that have been a witness to humanity’s adventure throughout tens of thousands of years are looked at more closely in an interactive way, new ideas can be sparked to inspire the future of humanity. With its own exhibition collections along with international exhibitions, training programs and cultural activities, the IJM offers a contemporary museum atmosphere.

Istanbul Jazari Museum Workshop

The Istanbul Jazari Museum is an engineering workshop established for the reproduction of Jazari’s machines. In the design and production workshop founded under the leadership of Durmus Caliskan (1950-208), a team of engineers and experts, who specialize in the design and construction of devices especially used in the history of science and Jazari, work relentlessly. Through drawing of technical drawings of Jazari’s devices with modern methods as well as with 3-D models in a computer environment, there is an attempt to reproduce the devices in the the Kitab-ul Hiyal book equally in accordance with the measurements, materials and functions designed by Jazari.

Contact: istanbulcezerimuzesi@gmail.com


The first activity of the IJM initiative, “The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari Exhibition,” is presented to everyone after a 15-year rigorous study on Jazari and his machines.

In order for this exhibition to reach its visitors, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took over the transportation and promotions sponsorship, the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education organized the legal procedures for students to attend the exhibition, Istanbul Technical University took responsibility for the academic sponsorship of the exhibition and the main sponsorship of the exhibition in terms of the material and moral support was provided by Tekhnelogos LTD.

Tekhnelogos Software

As a software company with an important background in digitizing engineering projects, Tekhnelogos has taken responsibility for the software needs of the project and has also undertaken the majority of the financial sponsorship of the project. Initially the translation of Jazari’s work was taken on as the first social responsibility project of Tekhnelogos, and following the completion of the translations and technical analysis of the project, the company continues to support the project.


Libronet has undertaken both the internet and social media publicity in order to make the project more known in the eye of the public and also has also taken responsibility for the project’s advertising and organizing sponsorship. The company supports the advertisement of the project under its own roof of babil.com and through the books of the brand Babil. On the other hand, publishing activities related to Jazari have also been carried out by Babylon book publishing house under the roof of the Libronet.  Contact: info@libronet.com

Project Coordinators

Durmuş Çalışkan – Honorary Chairman (1950-2018)

He was born in 1950 in Bayburt. After becoming educated in mechanical technical drawing and mechanical engineering in Istanbul, he worked in both the private sector and at his own personal company for many years in machine manufacturing, accounting and construction. He has been interested in the history of the machines throughout his career. For 5 years, he focused the majority of his work especially on Jazari and prepared technical descriptions, calculations and drawings for the book “Jazari’s Extraordinary Machines.” Durmus Caliskan has carried out the reconstruction work for his projects in full accordance with the explanations of Jazari in his original book.

Dr. A. Selami Caliskan – Chairman Of the Board

He was born in Istanbul in 1973. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University department of Mechanical Engineering in 1995, he completed his master’s and PhD in international relations and philosophy. He has been the general manager of Tekhnelogos since 2002. In the 2000s, he started his Jazari project by establishing a team and assuming the chairmanship for the Jazari project and has ensured that Jazari is fully and correctly understood by the Turkish public.

Mehmed Ali Caliskan – General Manager

Mehmed Ali Caliskan who was born in Istanbul in 1975 is currently working as CTO at Tekhnelogos, CEO at Libronet, and General Manager at Jazari Limited. After studying mechanical engineering, he completed his master’s and PhD in philosophy. As a software engineer, he developed engineering software and worked in artificial intelligence. He has a book called Coincidence: Halfway between Science and Philosophy. He has taken on the duty of general coordinator of the Jazari project.