Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Istanbul Jazari Museum have a fixed place? Can we see the works there?
The Istanbul Jazari museum is a museum initiative that plans to carry out itinerant exhibitions for the time being. The works produced by the Istanbul Jazari Museum will first be presented to visitors at the Jazari’s Extraordinary Machines Exhibition at UNIQ Istanbul. Although our exhibition area is at Uniq Istanbul, the headquarters of the museum is in Altunizade/Uskudar. This address is not where our work is but where our management unit is.

2. How long will your exhibition run for?
Our exhibition will be open until June 15th.

3. What are the visiting times of your exhibition?
Our exhibition is open every day of the week.
Visiting hours of our exhibition are:
Mon: 12.00-18.00
Tues-Wed-Thurs-Friday: 10.00-18.00
Sat-Sun: 10.00-19.00

4. Where do we get show tickets? Are tickets sold at the entrance of the exhibition?
You can buy exhibition tickets online from Biletix website ( You can also obtain an exhibition ticket from the Biletix mobile application or from Biletix retail dealers. We do also sell tickets at the entrance of our exhibition at Uniq Expo Maslak. There also is a Biletix Sales Point at Uniq Exhibition Centre.

5. What are your ticket options and prices?

Adult: 34 Liras, Student: 16 Liras,
Family ticket: 68 Liras, Subscriber Ticket: 70 Liras

Students and teachers must show an ID card at the entrance.

6. What is a family ticket? What is a subscriber ticket?
A family ticket is a ticket option for parents to purchase tickets. With the ticket valid for Mother and/or Father, you can enter with an unlimited number of children at once.
Parents who purchase a family ticket must show their own and their children’s ID cards.
Those who purchase a subscriber ticket can visit the exhibition until June 15th at any time and on multiple occasions.

7. Do you have discounts? Who do they apply to?

• Children of 0-6 years of age are free to attend the exhibition with their parents.
• Relatives of martyrs and veterans, disabled persons, academics and teachers can buy a student ticket for entry to the exhibition.
• The event is free (up to 40 people) for public school group students who will attend the exhibition under the sponsorship of the Ministry of National Education. However, the prices of tickets are as follows for public school student groups that are not sponsored by the Ministry of National Education:

• Student ticket for public school group participation (minimum 20 people) is 10 Liras

• For private school group participation (minimum 20 people) a student ticket is 10 Liras.

• For group participation of any public institution or private company employees (minimum 15 people), the ticket price is reduced to 29 Liras per ticket with a discount applied.

8. Where can we obtain group tickets? What procedure should we follow for group ticket sales?

Group ticket sales are made through reservation.

Reservation by Telephone: 0545-415-15-15
Reservation by Email:

9. What time can we contact the reservation department?

The reservations department operates during weekdays.
Working hours: 08.30-18.00
Outside of working hours, the phone goes straight to voicemail. The visitors’ calls are returned on the first following business day.

10. Is there an area where visiting school groups can park their school buses?

Yes, there is such an area within UNIQ Istanbul.

11. How can I get to Uniq Istanbul?

There is a bus that leaves every 20 minutes from in front of the ITU Ayazaga subway exit across from the Windowist building every 20 minutes.
The 41E and 41 buses also pass closely by UNIQ Istanbul.

12. Is there a prayer room, a baby changing room, a bathroom and a parking lot at the exhibition?

The prayer room, baby changing room and bathroom are not located in the exhibition area. They are located in UNIQ Istanbul. There is also a valet service point and a parking area which belong to Uniq Istanbul.

13. Can people with disabilities come to the exhibition?

The exhibition hall can be accessed after visitors get off in front of the Tiled Manor in the courtyard and from there can walk to the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is on the ground floor and no elevator is required at the entrance.
There is a disabled access bathroom for visitors. It is not in the exhibition area but it is on the same floor.
There is only one stair in the exhibition, and this is not a mandatory route.

14. How long does it take to view the exhibition in its entirety?

It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to visit our exhibition according to the volume of visitors.

15. Is your exhibition suitable for children?

There are many displays, interactive mechanisms, posters and interactive devices that could contribute to a child’s imagination. In addition, at our exhibition, workshops are held where children can attend on weekends.

16. For what age group of children is the exhibition suitable for?

At our exhibition, there are displays and visuals that appeal to children of all ages.

17. Do you have any guides to accompany us at your exhibition?

In every section of our exhibition, we have relevant exhibition assistant guides. We also have exhibition guides that guide group excursions.

18. What is the maximum number of students that can visit the exhibition at once?

Our exhibition has a capacity of about 80-150 students. Students can visit our exhibition in groups of 30 people, 10 minutes apart. If you are going to come with a larger group, we can divide the group into morning and afternoon sessions for improved productivity at the exhibition.