An extraordinary state established during maybe one of the most chaotic periods of Anatolia’s tens of thousands of years of history: the Artuqids. During a time when the Seljuks, the Eyyubis, the Crusaders, the Byzantines and other Anatolian Turkish Principalities entered into a relentless struggle for domination, this extraordinary state never ceased to let go of technology, art or urbanization for even a second and the spectacular machines and inventions of their genius engineer Jazari continue even today to be an inspiration for humanity.


The exhibition, prepared based on the expression“Look upon your history, write the future!”will reflect the cultural atmosphere of the era and convey the magnificent technical and scientific legacy which Jazari inherited from those before him and left to those after him along with unique contributions. Developments that can be considered as both the major machines of the great Jazari and the milestones of the history of science and technology await visitors at the Uniq Expo with the initiative of the Istanbul Jazari Museum.


What's at the Exhibition?





Posters & Boards


Original reconstructions of Jazari's machines


Separate reconstruction of some internal structures of Jazari's machines

Scale-sized and/or reinterpreted interactive reconstructions of Jazari's machines


Models of some of Jazari's machines

Sample Reconstructions from Our Exhibition

The Fantastic Adventure Elephant Clock
where Technique Meets Art

The Memorial Water Clock that Brings Together the Earth and the Sky

The Ancestor of Today's Modern Engines
The Four Bucket Water Lifting System

Book of Wonders

One of the oldest manuscripts on engineering applications to date

A unique book featuring the pioneering tools of the technology revolution, from the crankshaft to one of the first human-like robots.

The book itself is an important work of art with its colorful paintings and expression


Interactive Reconstructions

Scale-sized and/or reinterpreted interactive reconstructions of Jazari's machines

Provides visitors with the opportunity to get to know scientific and mechanical principles

The exhibition offers the chance to both see and experiment with the mechanisms


The story of the exhibition is told by the animated objects of mechanics, however, we have a large, scientifically rich poster pool to highlight the historical context and show the background. Everything in the exhibition has a meaning and it is highlighted on the posters. On the other hand, our exhibition offers a complete visual feast. To support these visuals, giant paintings showing the presence of the mechanical devices from the palace and community life of the period offer visitors surprise scenes throughout the exhibition.


The story of mechanics is not independent of history and society, so in addition to working devices, some historical, architectural and cultural elements are presented to enrich the replicas and models of the exhibition. The water wheel found in the Hama region, the Seljuk and Artuqid reliefs, the wax sculptures and the characters belonging to the colorful world of Jazari along with many other replicas, all complete our story.

Reconstructions Prior to Jazari

Old age technique, ancient Greek, ancient Chinese, early Islam and ancient Egyptian period mechanics are explained

The chance to experience the ability to make tools, one of the greatest qualities of human beings, within the exhibition

The opportunity to see the reconstructions of former scientists who were influenced by Jazari

Post-Jazari Reconstructions

Ottoman mechanics, late medieval and Renaissance mechanics and industrial mechanics are covered.

Introduction to the mechanics able to lead humanity into the industrial revolution following Jazari

The opportunity to closely get a look at the reconstruction of Da Vinci, Galileo, James Watt and Takiyuddin's works


Production of Creativity
and Original Ideas

To participate in the universal effort of contributing to human development

To Take a Step in the Direction of Creating Awareness of History

Connecting with Earth and Nature through Science

Developing Solutions by Taking Constraints into Consideration

Making the world a more livable and finer place

“Untested knowledge remains suspended between the true and the false.”