Double Action Pump Mechanism

This water pump that Al Jazari designed and developed operates by river flow. This pump is very important for the agricultural revolution for the time when innovated. This device had an advanced technological and high economic value. 

Al-Jazari crafted a double action pump by connecting the cylinders of the action pumps with each other. This system has a very important place in the advancement of machine technology. It is quite similar to today’s double action Worthington pumps, double action and double crankshaft hydraulics cylinders. Here, one piston sucks water while other discharges. In this way, both of the cylinders complete a suck and discharge motion in a single and full rotation of the wheel. When this machine is reconstructed according to the measurements specified in Al Jazari's designs, the machine can raise water at a speed of 1,25 m/s in a volume of 22 m3 up to 10 meters high. When the capacity and height is compared to Al-Jazari’s design in the Second Figure of Type 5 in his book, this machine operates 9 times more efficiently by doing 9 times more work. However, the pistons and one directional clap must be crafted in a form not leaking anything. It must function seamlessly.

This exhibit is a model of Al Jazari's device. This exhibit will be well-built for the students to experiment and interact. Also, it will have a transparent exterior to see and understand the inner functionality of the device easily. In this exhibit, the lever behind will be operated by hand and the operation of the device will be seen clearly.