Automatic Water Raising Mechanism by an Elevator

In this model, Al Jazari describes an ornamental pool that seems to be working by animal force but in reality, it is operated by a hidden paddle wheel under the device. The device is founded on an ornamental pool to furnish gardens and inner gardens of homes. The device helps to raise small amounts of water to 2.5 meters high to irrigate small gardens or hobby gardens. It is made of shiny and high-quality materials and painted aesthetically. Al Jazari talks about this device as having a high aesthetical value. This device is seen here and designed by us is a model of what Al Jazari crafted. Our design has an educational purpose and interactivity in mind. For this reason, it is built well for a high degree of human interaction to experiment and observe the principles at play. It is also made of transparent materials. In this exhibit, the water pouring down and flowing into the bottom chamber gets collected in the reservoir under the device and pumped up to the top for recycling. In this way, the device operates in a closed system without the need to connect to the building plumbing system with the same water by recycling the water.