A Pitcher For Dispensing Different Liquids (2-5)

Al Jazari designed a dispenser with a cube with four different drinks and water through a whole at the top. Later, separate or mixed drinks in certain ratios can be get from the mouth of the cow attached to the cube. In other words, these drinks are not mixed into each other inside the cube. To prevent unintentional mixtures, there is a special apparatus within the neck of the cube. To get your separate or mixed drink that you want, you move the hand of man that is on the back of the cow to the relevant position in the front platform. A valve inside the cow that is very similar to multi-channel hydraulic valves and is the grandfather of today’s valves opens up the appropriate channel into our glass from the cube. When the glass is full, we move the man’s hand to the indicating the turned off status on both sides to shut it off. 

It is known that the device at the neck of the cube and the multi-channel valve inside the belly of the cow are both developed by Al Jazari. These components are all engineering wonders for their age and many centuries after him. The composition of the cube with the cow and the man is an innovation by itself. The height of this innovative device is 68 centimeter and its width including the cow is 75 centimeter.