The Istanbul Jazari Museum (IJM) was founded in 2018, inspired by the magnificent contributions of Jazari, the greatest engineer of the Middle Ages, one of the world’s most eminent minds. IJM, which designs activities to mobilize scientific curiosity and artistic creativity simultaneously, acts with an understanding that the best way to preserve the world cultural heritage and pass it down to future generations is to make them functional inputs. The exhibitions and training programs of the Istanbul Jazari Museum aspire to introduce and attract the attention of visitors from all walks of life and echelons to world culture heritage. In this way, it desires to encourage visitors to get to know the world better by becoming conscious and productive individuals in the fields of history, science, art and culture. The IJM believes that in Turkey, one of the main geographies in which world culture thrives, if different kinds of physical and intellectual products that have been a witness to humanity’s adventure throughout tens of thousands of years are looked at more closely in an interactive way, new ideas can be sparked to inspire the future of humanity. Both its own collections and international exhibitions which it hosts, training programs and cultural activities, the IJM offers a contemporary museum atmosphere.

Jazari, the pioneer of Mechanical Science

Jazari, the greatest engineer of the 13th century, is a magnificent genius of the history of universal science. As an unforgettable scientist in terms of his contributions, inventions, perspective and engineering philosophy, Jazari made technological designs for more than fifty machines and devices and did not only theoretically plan these machines but produced and operated them. His scientific and practical legacy it is still up to date and interesting for the 21st century world. He has inspired a lot of Eastern and Western mechanics, especially with his machines focused on time use and management.

The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari Exhibition

Many technological and scientific inventions that facilitate the world adventure of mankind... The extraordinary machines by the chief engineer from the state of the Artuqids, Jazari, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of the world…

The world's first and only mechanical solar clock, the password-locked chest which provides a stronger password encryption than even the Enigma, and the elephant water clock that combines technique with legends and mythologies, all on display at The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari Exhibition to be held at Uniq Expo!